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Punch Bar Chocolate

Punch Bar Chocolate Original is a chocolate edible created by the punch bars brand. This THC chocolate

edible was created in 2013. These chocolate bar is created to fulfill the great lack in the market

for a delicious yet potent chocolate edible. After several months of experimenting the Punch bar

was created. The perfect punchbar edibles for patients to enjoy. It has an amazing flavor with very little calories.

Unlike many other chocolate edibles the punch bar can divide into tiny pieces of 25mg. It’s easy

to take a dose that makes sense for you. Punch bars edibles(punch bar edibles price) are one of the most potent chocolate

infused cannabis products quite similar to one up mushroom bar

Punch bar original comes in the following flavors:

Milk Chocolate*
Dark Chocolate Almond*
Toffee Milk Chocolate
Mint Dark Chocolate*
Dark Chocolate Raspberry*
Milk Chocolate Caramel Bits
Tangerine Dark Chocolate*
S’mores Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Malted Crunch
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
39 calories, 4g sugar per serving, Net Wt 22g

Peak Effect: 60-90 mins

Buy Punch Bar Original Edibles

Punch bars 225mg can be break into 9 pieces. This is perfect consumers who are new to

cannabis edibles as it led you ease yourself into higher doses. Buy punch bar edibles to enjoy the

perfect blend of chocolate and cannabis. The punch bar come in a variety of flavors hence there is

something for everybody. Punch bar edible price approximately $20 – $25. We recommend you buy punch

bars from the official website or stores like ours to be sure of the quality.

There are a lot of dispensaries and shops in the U.S that claim to sell authentic punch bar and other

edibles. Most of these are fake, we recommend you make purchase from us. Not only do we sell

quality punch bars but we also educate consumers on how to properly consume these edibles.

The high got from this chocolate edibles is similar to a psychedelic trip from magic mushrooms and dmt.

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Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Almond, Toffee Milk Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Caramel Bits, Tangerine Dark Chocolate, S’mores Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Malted Crunch, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt


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