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Polka Dot Magic Mushroom Gummies 4g



Polka Dot Gummies

Polka Dot gummies exceeds exceptions with their 4000mg psilocybin mind-bending infused gummies.

Intended for both advanced and novice users, these delectable fruit flavored gummy candies allow

you to relish the therapeutic benefits psilocybin has to offers with it’s consistent micro-dosing formula.

If you’re worried about the taste associated with consuming dried mushrooms, then psilocybin gummy

chews are perfect for you! Take a trip to the moon with Polka Dot’s exquisite sour sugar-dusted

fruit-flavored psilocybin gummies. Like all of the brand’s products, polka dot chocolates pall they’ve

crafted the perfect recipe for these euphoric goodies without the bitter and awful aftertaste of dried

mushrooms. Unlike conventional dried mushroom’s you’ll find these easy on your taste buds and

tummy too. The essence of these shroom micro-dosed edible gummies will have you feeling uplifted,

illuminated, and cheerful.

Each package of polkadot gummies contains 10 gummies for a total of 4000mg of psilocybin ..polka dot chocolates Oakland

What Are Polka Dot Shroom Edibles?

To put it in the most basic terms, shroom edibles in DC are any food items that contain psilocybin

or psilocin. Since the taste of shrooms is an acquired taste to many, mixing them when favorite

foods/candies is a no-brainer. They can be added to just about anything, where some are more

compatible than others depending on individual tastes. Or for a more simple approach, there are

many great shroom edible products on the market already. For those with a sweet

tooth, shroom chocolates or shroom gummies are excellent options.

How Can Magic Mushroom Edibles Be Consume in DC?

Magic mushroom edibles(polka dot mushroom gummies) maybe look, smell and taste like normal food items, but believe us when

we say, they are not. What follows after eating a good dose of psilocybin edible treats can be out

of this world. It is therefore important to know how much psilocybin is in the food item that you eat.

As long as the dose is within a safe and responsible range, all that is needed is to eat and enjoy

the shroom edible as you would any other delicious item of food.

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