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Wavy Caps Magic Mushrooms



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Buy Wavy Caps Mushrooms, also often referred to as Psilocybe Cyanescens are a species

of potent shrooms that grow on woodchips in the wild. These magic mushrooms are

characterized by their wavy caramel caps. This magic mushroom is an aggressive ruderal species

that grow during the cold winter months in the Pacific Northwest. They fruit in

clusters; the largest known discovery was 100,000 mushrooms found in the UK.

Consuming Wavy Caps (dried wavy cap mushrooms) will provide a wonderous visual enhancements and heightened sensations.

Expect cyclical and often swelling feeling of euphoria and ecstasy. Feelings of connection

to Places, People, Nature, Time and the Universe can also be expected. At a larger

dose you can expect to lose the sense of self also known as ego-death.

Wavy Caps Mushrooms for Sale

Wavy Cap Mushrooms (buy psilocybe Cyanescens)  and have the best experience. Psilocybe Cyanescens is also

popular by  the name wavy caps mushroom. It is one of many species of mushrooms known

as “magic mushrooms,” due to their psychedelic effects.  Wavy caps mushrooms have

high psilocybin content and potency. You can find this mushrooms in moderate wet

climates and are especially common in Northwestern Europe and the United Kingdom,

and in the Pacific Northwest section of North America.

Side effects 

In most cases it turns to trigger emotional and metal disorders. It is consume

alongside alcohol which catalyzes the physical and psychedelic effects. The amount of psilocybin

and psilocin contained in mushrooms is uncertain thus the length, type and intensity of the

trip is not guarantee. Mild trips could cause drowsiness, frights, hallucinations, delusions,

and some degree of panic. All these may intensify if the quantity taken is much.

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