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Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushrooms



Buy Nepal Chitwan Mushrooms

Buy Nepal Chitwan Mushrooms, Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Nepal Chitwan)

is an old and

rare mushroom strain originally discovered in the Chitwan Jungle of Nepal by a mycologist

who goes by the name of Baerbel. This little brown mushroom was found amongst the tall grass

in a shaded area, it was found in what was believed to be elephant or rhino dung.

Nepal Chitwan Mushrooms For Sale

The Nepalese Chitwan shroom is characterized by very light to golden brown caps with relatively

thin stems that are equal thickness from the base to the top. Just like many other

psilocybe cubensis strains, it bruises blue when pressure is applied during harvest.

This ancient mushroom from the jungles of the far east has medium potency and is good for

beginners and veterans alike. Our staff report that the Nepal Chitwan strain(buy Nepal Chitwan shrooms) induced deep

feelings of shamanic wonder. Some reported intense visuals when eyes were closed and

overall feeling oneness with the natural world.

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