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Cambodian Gold Magic Mushrooms



Buy Cambodian Gold magic mushrooms

Buy Cambodian Gold magic mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian Gold) is a F1 hybrid of

our most popular strain Golden Teachers and a high strength strain Cambodian. This is an

extremely rare strain. It took many months for our producers to track down and verify the

Cambodian Gold spores. The search was worth it, the results were amazing as you can see in the photos.

Cambodian Gold shrooms(Buy Cambodian Gold magic shrooms) is characterized by bright

golden caps and thick stems. These mushrooms are simply beautiful. The large caps and thick

stems indicate above average psilocybin content.

Expect above average potency because of its lineage from two very popular strains.

The Cambodian is known for its high potency and Golden Teachers for its insightfulness.

Combine these two characteristics and you have one powerful magic mushroom experience.

Don’t go by the potency of Cambodian Gold. It gives a relatively mellow high with a slight

body buzz that is enough to enjoy creative forms of inspiration. You may suddenly feel the

urge to complete whatever you’re up to, and there are no side effects as long as you stick

with the dosage that works fine for you. Micro dosing this species is the right way to get

the best possible experience.

Cambodian Gold mushrooms for sale

Cambodian Gold mushroom ( order Cambodian Gold magic mushrooms) is not easily available at retail stores

or even online venues. It’s a rare F1hybrid, but this shouldn’t hold you back from purchasing

Cambodian Gold mushrooms

from Magic Mushroom Pharma. You’ll be taken away by this premium-quality heavy-hitter

at the most reasonable price.

Our Cambodian Gold is lab-tested for:

  • Safety
  • Effects and dosage
  • Genetics
  • Overall quality

You can rest assured that any transaction between us is completely confidential.

We can ship this beautiful Cambodian Gold discreetly with no naming labels on the package.

The best thing? You can snatch Cambodian Gold psilocybe cubensis for less by going

up with your order amount. See how the prices shrink when you buy more!

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