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Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms



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Buy Blue Meanies Mushrooms are a potent strain of psilocybe cubensis. The name Blue Meanie

is also used to describe a strain called Psilocybe Cyanescens (P. Cyans) which is known to be 2 times

more potent than any other P. Cubensis strain. Our Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms are of the

P. Cubensis type and is not to be mistaken.

Secondly, this shroom is known to be a prolific fruiter, often growing many flushes and easily bruising

(bluing) at the point of physical contact. Expect above average intensity compared to

other cubensis shrooms strains.

Blue Meanies mushrooms for sale

Blue Meanie cubensis mushrooms are magic mushrooms that produce a strong

hallucinogenic effect. Basically, this strain of Magic Mushroom are native to tropical to subtropical climates.

This includes Central America, Mexico, South America, Australia, USA, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Blue Meanie shrooms for sale are consider as some of the world’s most potent Shrooms.

They contain double to triple the normal amount of Psilocybin. Moreover, for those who are not

familiar with the term, Psilocybin is the compound that produces the hallucinogenic effect.

Because of the high Psilocybin content, the most distinguished characteristic of the Blue

Meanies is the blue coloring along the stem

This strain of Magic mushroom (Buy Blue Meanie Shrooms)

produces a potent effect that will surprise even the

most seasoned mushroom connoisseurs. Blue Meanies come on heavy, and you’ll find

yourself in the middle of a trip before you recognize what’s going on.

Consequently, Blue Meanie mushrooms are notable for their hallucinogenic properties. As the effects

become stronger, you’ll note that the visions become more intense. Due to the overwhelming

nature of Blue Meanie mushrooms, you should consume these potent caps in a home and a sitter to help you.

Overall, the effects of Blue Meanie mushrooms(order Blue Meanie shrooms online) can last between 6-18-hours —

or more depending on how much you consume.

Users of Blue Meanie Shrooms will experience intense visuals along with a robust

bodily sensation and a rush of euphoria.

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